Nostradamus: Complete Prophecies for the Future

From a geo-climatic point of view, the need to purify and rebalance the Earth will lead to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Nostradamus considered that in a new era will begin, both in terms of the calendar, but also realistically. The year marks a sacred moment, favorable and, at the same time, dangerous in the history of mankind, meant to bring both disasters and revelations. The critical year does not necessarily mean an end, but rather a fundamental transformation of the world we live in, a rebirth of humankind on a new spiritual level. His adepts claim that he predicted the future with stunning accuracy. The end of the world seems to be an obsession of all previous and current generations.

Nostradamus in popular culture

Labirint Ozon. Nostradamus : The Complete Prophecies for the Future. Mario Reading. With this new knowledge, he can interpret these astonishing predictions in formerly unimagined ways…and give us a glimpse of what the future holds.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophesies for the Future: Reading, Mario: has become an international bestseller, with rights to date sold in 35 countries.

Revised and Updated Edition of This Internationally Bestselling Collection of Nostradamus Most Startling Prophecies years ago, Nostradamus predicted some of the most shocking moments of modern time – the assassination of Benazir Bhutto , the financial meltdown, the floods in New Orleans , the Iraq war, the attack on the World Trade Centre , and the devastating Boxing Day tsunami of which claimed the lives of over , people. And his predictions foretold the future for decades to come.

Mario Reading s unique decryption of Nostradamus’s index dating system has enabled him to present all Nostradamus’s prophecies in an entirely new light. Offering more than prophecies for events yet to occur , plus brand-new commentaries on those that have come to pass since first publication, the author s groundbreaking translations and perceptive interpretations of the quatrains reveal extraordinarily accurate and sometimes shocking predictions for our future: these predictions include the demise of the British Monarchy, the break-up of the European Union and Global War.

The greatest diviner and scryer who ever lived, Nostradamus was born in in Provence, France, and his prophecies have been continuously in print since his death on 2nd July Mario Reading has established a reputation as an original and ground-breaking expert on Nostradamus.

Predictions Of Nostradamus On India – Some Excerpts

Julian day is the continuous count of days since the beginning of the Julian Period and is used primarily by astronomers , and in software for easily calculating elapsed days between two events e. The Julian date JD of any instant is the Julian day number plus the fraction of a day since the preceding noon in Universal Time. Julian dates are expressed as a Julian day number with a decimal fraction added. The next Julian Period begins in the year AD Historians used the period to identify Julian calendar years within which an event occurred when no such year was given in the historical record, or when the year given by previous historians was incorrect.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future – Kindle edition by their occurrence is nothing new: Hogue calls them index dates or some such thing.

Other commentators have translated the quatrains, and then trawled through all of largely Western history to find an expedient, random match. In my The Complete Nostradamus from which Nostradamus : The Complete Prophecies For The Future derived I translated the quatrains and then trawled through all of world history, checking, as a first resort, each possible year out of a grand total of seven, until I have come across an exact correlation, referred to by at least three separate points in the quatrain text, and which could not reasonably apply to any other era.

When I say seven possible years, I mean, for instance, , , , , , or, via extrapolation, , for an index date of Nostradamus is not alone, of course, in imbruing the number 7 with exceptional significance, for 7 has long been considered a holy number. The moon, for instance, has seven phases, just as there are seven bodies in alchemy, seven senses, seven deadly sins, seven virtues, and seven spirits before the throne of God.

There were seven days in creation, seven graces, seven days needed for Levitical purification, seven days in the week, seven wise masters, and seven great champions of Christendom. There are, in addition, seven bibles or sacred books the Christian Bible, the Scandinavian Eddas, the Five Kings of the Chinese, the Mohammedan Koran, the Buddhist Tri Pitikes, the three Vedas of the Hindus, and the Persian Zend-Avesta , seven joys and seven sorrows of the Virgin, seven chakras in Hindu Kundalini, seven brothers of the Mayan Father Sun and seven Mayan corporeal power centres, seven sages of Greece, and even, dare one say it, seven wonders of the ancient world.

I now believe that Nostradamus, like the Mayan Chilans before him, understood that time was not linear i. Continuing with the spiral analogy, Nostradamus was therefore able, like the Chilans, to gain brief glimpses at the — shall we call it? Sign up for our newsletter to get an exciting series of podcasts, keep updated with our events and read new articles from our authors.

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Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies For The Future

The prophecies of the 16th century author Nostradamus have become a ubiquitous part of the popular culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. As well as being the subject of hundreds of books both fiction and non-fiction , Nostradamus’ life has been depicted in several films to date, inaccurately , and his life and prophecies continue to be a subject of media interest.

In the Internet age, there have also been several well-known hoaxes , where quatrains in the style of Nostradamus have been circulated by e-mail.

Nostradamus would appear to be six years out in his index dating here, this, for Napoleon’s conquest of Lombardy, with Nostradamus’s index date of 90 only.

A biography and historical novel of Nostradamus , with many interpreted quatrains, written during World War II. The Oracles of Nostradamus by Charles A. Ward [ ]. The complete text of one of the best books about Nostradamus ever written. Did Nostradamus predict the WTC disaster? During Nostradamus’ lifetime the Black Death today known as the bubonic plague wiped out over a quarter of Europe. It is no wonder that a sense of apocalyptic terror fills Nostradamus’ quatrains.

Nostradamus can indisputably be said to have been ahead of his time, at least in terms of medical practice. His treatment of the Black Death involved removal of the infected corpses, fresh air and unpolluted water for the healthy, a herbal preparation rich in Vitamin C, and in contravention of contemporary medical practise not bleeding his patients.

Nostradamus was successful in lessening the impact of the Black Death in the capital of Provence, Aix. The grateful citizens gave him a stipend for life. Nostradamus began to write his prophetic verses in the city of Salon, in They are divided into ten sections called Centuries which refers to the number of verses in each section, not to a unit of years.

Mario Reading’s Nostradamus and the Index Date Breakthrough That Made it All Possible

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Nostradamus Prophecy By Gloria Anna. Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed: Index Dating | History By Arvin Copperfield.

View Larger Image. The biblical prediction of a Luciferian figure that personifies total evil has driven fevered speculation over the millennia as to who might fit the bill. Nostradamus prophesied the coming of three Antichrists, corresponding to a malevolent mirror image of the Holy Trinity. Bookseller Inventory Synopsis: The seer Nostradamus died in , but devotees are still ferreting out the meanings of his cryptic prophecies today.

No one has been more committed to that goal that Mario Reading, the author of five books on the occult master. The latest probes perhaps the ultimate questions about Nostradamus’ prognostications: Who are the three Antichrists mentioned in his quatrains and how soon will the final events unfold? In this Sterling Publishing paperback, Reading conclusively identifies the first two Antichrists and explicates crucial passages and timelines in the works of this legendary oracle.

Inexpensively priced.

NOSTRADAMUS & THE THIRD ANTICHRIST: Napoleon, Hiter & “The One To Come”.

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Experts explain the complicated index dating and quatrains that Nostradamus used to make his prophecies about future events in this scene from “​Nostradamus.

While the Prophecies have transfixed us for centuries only the Bible has been printed more times a crucial question has lingered: why did Nostradamus not declare the dates on which his predictions would come about? The Complete Prophecies has the answer: Nostradamus concealed nothing, for the information is right there in the text. He gave to each of his prophetic verses–ten volumes of each–an index number. The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus. Mario Reading. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

Biographical Note. Nostradamus Explains his Technique. Nostradamus Enters into a Trance. Alchemy the Sacred Marriage. Nostradamus Cracks a Joke. Nostradamus Defends his Corner. George Washington. The American War of Independence.

Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed: Index Dating